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Understanding Indoor Storage Units & Temperature Control

When searching for a space to store your precious possessions, you’ll encounter two main options at Self Storage of Beach Park: temperature-controlled storage units and regular indoor storage units. But what exactly sets them apart? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let’s take a deeper look at the key distinctions to help you make the right choice.

Temperature-Controlled Units: What Are They?

Temperature-controlled units are storage spaces that actively regulate the interior temperature and humidity levels. Advanced systems keep the environment between 55°F and 85°F consistently throughout the year. This regulated climate protects against extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

The Benefits of Temperature Control

The main perk of temperature-controlled units is the added protection for your belongings. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can damage many items over time. Consistent climate control prevents issues like:

  • Warping or cracking of wood furniture and musical instruments
  • Mold, mildew, and musty odors in clothing, books, and fabrics
  • Electronics and film becoming brittle and damaged
  • Wine and artwork losing quality due to improper storage

For all items that are vulnerable to environmental conditions, temperature-controlled units provide reliable protection and peace of mind.

What About Indoor Units Without Temperature Control?

Regular indoor storage units simply provide an enclosed space within a storage facility building. While shielded from outdoor elements like rain and snow, they do not regulate temperature or humidity. The interior conditions may fluctuate along with the external weather.

Indoor units without temperature control tend to be more budget-friendly. They suffice for short-term storage or items that are not highly sensitive. However, the lack of temperature and humidity regulation does pose risks for certain belongings over longer periods of time.

Choosing the Right Unit for You

When deciding between unit types, consider the items you’re storing, the duration, your local climate, and your budget. Temperature-controlled units provide superior control but cost more. Evaluate your specific needs to make the smartest choice. Protect your precious belongings by choosing adequate storage conditions.

And when you need assistance choosing a storage unit, Self Storage of Beach Park has experts who are happy to step in and help.

Renting Space with Self Storage of Beach Park

Located conveniently in Beach Park, IL, Self Storage of Beach Park offers a tailored storage experience to meet your any storage need. Whether you’re looking to stow away your water sport equipment, declutter your living space, or securely store old business documents, we’ve got a unit that’s just right for you. Our facility stands out not only for its cleanliness and affordability but also for its variety — from indoor and drive-up storage units to temperature-controlled spaces that shield your items from bad weather conditions. In addition to a range of storage unit options, we’ve also incorporated cutting-edge features like 24/7 recording cameras, gated keypad access to ensure your safety and peace of mind. And if you need space to store large vehicles, we even have parking spaces for RV, boat, and other vehicle parking at our annex location.

Prioritizing customer convenience, we offer easy-to-use online tools, enabling you to rent or reserve units contact-free or manage your bills. Entrust your possessions to a facility that values them as much as you do, with a dedicated team on standby to assist. Find the space you need with Self Storage of Beach Park!

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