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Smart Storage: Making the Most of Your Short-Term Rental

Self storage is not just a solution for the long haul. You can rent secure and affordable space as a short-term storage option to help you with quicker projects, like apartment moves, renovations, and seasonal storage needs. Talk to the experts at Self Storage of Beach Park to learn more about our storage unit selection, and read on to see how you can simplify your next short-term storage rental.

Tips for an Optimal Short-Term Storage Experience

Select the Appropriate Unit Size

To avoid spending extra money on used space or dealing with the hassle of an overcrowded unit, it’s important to do your research to pick the right storage unit size. Evaluate the size and volume of the items you intend to store, ensuring there’s enough room for easy movement within the unit. Our handy storage calculator can help kickstart your decision by offering a recommended size range. Remember to consider additional factors such as shelving needs or frequent access when choosing your unit.

Master the Art of Packing

Efficient packing can make it significantly easier to store and retrieve items. Collect uniform-sized boxes and label them for quick reference. Keep a detailed inventory list to track the contents of each box. Dismantle bulky furniture into smaller, more manageable parts—both for organizing and heavy lifting purposes. To prevent any damage from moisture, ensure that all items are clean, dry, and elevated off the floor. Starting with proper packing can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Plan Your Space

Ensure that items you need to access frequently are stored near the entrance, while valuables or long-term storage items are tucked away safely toward the back. Organize your belongings in neat rows, leaving pathways for easy access and rearrangement. Having a layout plan can help you utilize every inch of the storage space efficiently.

Secure Your Belongings

Ensure the safety of your possessions by securely locking up your unit and using covers or tarps to protect the contents inside. For fragile items, especially when stacked, consider using additional protective materials like bubble wrap. Feel free to visit our office in Beach Park, IL, to stock up on packing and protective supplies.

Choose a Convenient Location

Select a storage facility that complements your daily routine, whether it’s closer to your residence or along your daily commute. Check the facility’s access hours to ensure they align with your schedule. While choosing your storage unit, keep in mind that units located on the ground floor or near an elevator can offer additional convenience, especially if you anticipate frequent visits to your storage unit.

Short-Term Leases at Self Storage of Beach Park

Are you in search of storage solutions near you? Self Storage of Beach Park is proud to present a wide variety of short-term storage options tailored to meet your specific needs. Our indoor and temperature-controlled units guarantee that your possessions remain in top-notch condition for the duration of their stay.

Navigate through our user-friendly online rental process to discover our available units and manage your rental conveniently on our website. We have compiled a plethora of free resources to aid you in selecting the ideal storage unit size and features according to your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance in determining the best storage solution, our team of dedicated professionals is readily available at our office, ready to offer personalized assistance. Choose Self Storage of Beach Park for your storage needs in Beach Park, IL!

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