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How to Pack Your Storage Unit Easily & Efficiently

Have you secured your storage unit with Self Storage of Beach Park? Now it’s time to start prepping your belongings for their time in storage. We provide helpful suggestions on optimizing your rental space. For more expert guidance, visit our office on Wadsworth Road during business hours if you have any questions while renting. Learn how to take an organized approach to storing!

How to Pack a Storage Unit: 3 Tips to Create an Organized Space

1. Map Out Your Unit’s Layout

Planning how you’ll organize your unit ahead of time helps you maximize your rental space and create easy access to your items later. First, decide how you’ll use the unit. Whether you are planning to store just boxes, furniture sets, oddly-shaped items, or mix will determine the right size unit. Measure furniture and large items to ensure they’ll fit, and use our online storage calculator to make sure you are considering the ideal storage size.

Position frequently used stuff near the door for easy access, and put valuables, sentimentals, books, seasonal items, and things you won’t regularly need in the back.. Stack boxes along the walls to create a central aisle.  Fill boxes efficiently without making them too heavy. For furniture, measure each piece and map where it will go. Place bigger items like couches and beds first, then work around them. Ensure enough space to fully open drawers and doors. Remember to leave access paths clear, group similar items, and use vertical space with shelves when possible.

2. Get Quality Packing Supplies

Do not rely on old boxes that have been sitting in your attic for years to protect your items throughout their time in storage. If you plan to store for a while, we recommend gathering sturdy supplies to ensure all your belongings stay in excellent condition. We sell packing gear like boxes, bubble wrap, locks, and more at our Wadsworth Road office. Stop by and stock up before packing. Make sure boxes and bins are sturdy and safe for long-term storage, and evaluate any fragile items to get extra protection like padding or airtight containers to keep them safe.

3. Label All Your Boxes & Bins Clearly

One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself when storing is to label all your boxes. If you can’t see what’s inside a box or bin, jot a reminder like “DVDs and CDs” or “winter clothes.” When later searching for something specific, check your labels instead of opening every box to rummage through. Labeling options include writing directly on boxes or making a reference sheet. Find the method that best helps you locate your belongings.

Settle into Your New Storage Space with Self Storage of Beach Park

Still looking for storage options near you? You can browse through Self Storage of Beach Park’s available storage units right on our website. Take your time looking through our different features and sizes to choose the perfect space for your situation. Our experts are more than happy to assist you with your decision and answer any of your questions along the way. See why Self Storage of Beach Park is a trusted name in the community!

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